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New Game: Membal - Coming Soon

Last year, I didn't release any game per se, but I did publish Hei and TacTac Prologue on Nintendo Switch. This year, I've decided that if I have the time, I'll release two games instead of one! For now, the first one is coming this February, in a few days. It's called Membal, a game where you work on memory while building your village and meeting lots of cute animals. For now, it's available to wishlist on Steam:



Membal is one of the first ideas I had related to game development. When I was sixteen, my aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and I wanted to help by creating an application to make memory work fun. I was innocent and naive, but I tried to make the game a reality. Back then, I had absolutely no programming knowledge, but I knew how to use Photoshop, so I started creating the art. In the end, I gave up, but it surprises me how far it has come.

About two years ago, my aunt passed away, and shortly after that, I remembered this game, Membal. I decided that I had to make it, for myself and for my aunt. It's one of the ideas that made me want to dedicate myself to creating my own video games, so I didn't want to abandon it. And for my aunt, as a tribute and in the hope of possibly helping people in her situation.


Game Description:

Welcome to Membal: Your City, Your Memory!

Immerse yourself in a charming world where rebuilding a city goes hand in hand with taking care of your mind. In Membal, you'll embark on a unique adventure, full of adorable fun and rewarding mental challenges.

Your Personal Adventure:

  • Build and grow your city: Have you ever dreamed of being the architect of your own town? In Membal, it's possible! Rebuild from scratch and grow your city step by step, turning it into a vibrant and welcoming place for its inhabitants.

  • 140+ unique animal neighbors: Discover a diverse and endearing community of furry, scaly, and feathered characters. Each has its own personality and special abilities. Invite them to your city and connect with their unique stories!

  • Decorate and express your style: Showcase your creativity by decorating your village to your liking. Additionally, customize your avatar with a wide variety of clothing, hairstyles, and mobile wallpapers. Unlock new items as you progress in the game!

Develop your mind by playing:

  • Entertaining and helpful mini-games: Over 25 carefully designed mini-games to keep your mind active. From visual challenges to long-term memory tests, each game is an opportunity to learn and improve.

  • Strengthen your memory, enrich your life: In Membal, memory training goes beyond games; it's a powerful tool to strengthen the mind. Memory is invaluable in daily life, and improving it is not only fun but also beneficial for people of all ages, especially those looking to maintain mental sharpness. Playing memory games can also aid in cases of Alzheimer's. Memory challenges are designed to offer a beneficial and enjoyable experience for all players.

  • Motivating challenges: Overcome 60 unique challenges and unlock achievements that will mark your progress and skill in the game. Showcase your ability and accomplish each goal to become a memory master in Membal!



I think one of my weaknesses when it comes to my video games is marketing. I should start learning about strategies to advertise my games. Nevertheless, I always try to do original things. With Membal, I've thought about a Fanzine explaining what the game is about. I still don't know where I'll leave them or if maybe I'll distribute them on the street, who knows. This is the result:


And that's it for the post about Membal! In the coming days until the game's release, I'll be updating the website with new articles and a radical change in the design of the main page and all the game pages. I'm very eager to publish it, but I want to have it complete before doing so.


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