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The Best of 2023 - Year's Summary

Since I track all the audiovisual works I consume every month, I thought about doing an annual summary too. As a final recap.

This 2023 has been a weak year in terms of consuming audiovisual content compared to last year. Especially when it comes to video games, I've played a bit less.


This last year, I've played 44 different video games, out of which I've completed 31 and not 13. I consider a game completed when the credits roll, and played when I've spent at least 2 hours on a game. Out of those 31, I consider 16 to be completed at 100% or nearly so.

Of the 44 games, 43 have been on Switch and the remaining one on PS4. This confirms that I solely play on the Switch now.

44 seems like a pretty high number, but considering that last year I played 58 and finished 51, we see a significant drop. This is due to the fact that, aside from work, these past few months I've been using almost all my free time in creating a new video game.

Regarding the most played genres:

  1. Zeldish (for me, any game with mechanics similar to a classic or 3D Zelda, including the Zeldas themselves): 7 games.

  2. Point & Click and Simulators: 6 games.

  3. RPG: 5 games.

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. My GOTY is:

Clearly my GOTY 2023. An improvement on BOTW, something that seemed impossible. I spent two weeks playing non-stop and exploring every corner of this game. There came a point where I decided I had done it all. After finishing it, I didn't feel like playing anything else for a couple of months, no joke. Maybe that's why the number of games played this year has also decreased.

The TOTK had no competition for me, though I'd like to mention the other video games that made me enjoy this year the most:


I watch a lot of series, also because I watch some while doing other things, like working on my games. For this reason, the number of seasons watched this year, which is 92, doesn't vary much from last year, where it was 99.

Out of these 92 seasons watched this year, 64 are live-actions and 28 are animated. Of these 64 live-actions, 15 are Spanish, which positively surprises me, since a few years ago I didn't consume local series, and this means they have improved. Of the 28 animated seasons, 12 are anime; this number has been decreasing over the last few years, let's say I'm not that much of an otaku anymore.

The most watched genres have been:

  • American reality shows: 11 seasons

  • American fantasy animation: 7 seasons.

  • American comedy: 6 seasons.

In my defense, I'll say I watched so many reality shows because I got into watching old seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, although yes, I watched both seasons of the Kardashians this year.

Like I did with video games, I'll pick a favorite series of the year. But in this case, I'll choose two, one live-action and one animated. And now, my favorite live-action series of this year is:

Undoubtedly an incredible series that I've had in mind (and still do) for months. It's amazing and very well-made. Now I just hope that the series about Noemí Arguelles that the Javis talked about becomes a reality.

Other series I highlight because I've loved them:

And the animated series of this 2023 is:

I don't usually watch episodes weekly, but Jujutsu deserves it. I like it so much that I started reading the manga now that the season has ended. I want to know what happens! And if certain characters have survived…

Other standout animated series:


We reach the last section of this recap, the movies. This year I've watched 41 movies, a slight difference from last year when it was 50. I'm more into series, still, the numbers always end up being higher than I thought.

Out of these 41 from this year, only 6 are animated. They are typically more.

I haven't seen the latest from Studio Ghibli yet, and it might have been my favorite of the year. So, the chosen one is, obviously:

Others worth mentioning:

And that's the year in review. As a goal for next year, I'd like to play more video games, try more indies, and start clearing my pending list, which is almost infinite right now.

Happy New Year!


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