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Theraquia Pennant - Jelly Invasion

I know, I know. This title isn't very clear. Is it a sequel to Jellyfishers 2? Well, no. It's just that I made a banner with a design of one of my favorite Jellies and wanted to share it here.

Theraquia is one of the Jellies from the Jellyfishers video game. It's possible to capture them on the very first beach, but they appears very rarely.

So, it turns out I'm working as an art teacher in high school, and the town council where I work sent us some banners for the students to paint. Once finished, they were hung all around the town. The theme was 'Take care of the environment.'

The issue was that I ended up with one extra banner, and there wasn't enough time for one of the students to paint it. So, I had to quickly paint a design myself in just a few hours.

I quickly thought of several ideas, and the one I chose was Theraquia fleeing from monsters made of garbage (Garbodor who?). Theraquia themselves is a Jelly in the shape of the Earth, looking very serious because nobody pays attention to them. So, it was perfect.

The final result is as follows:

I don't have a photo of the banner hanging, if I find one, I'll take it.

And that's it for this little blog! The Jellies conquering the streets, a dream come true.


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