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Walkthrough of Hei - Level 1

The first level consists of 10 different screens with interconnected puzzles. This guide will explain step by step how to complete the level 100%. Obtaining appearances is entirely optional to finish the game.


Click anywhere to wake Hei up and get him out of bed. For now, in the first screen, you can do little. Pick up the deflated balloon and go to the right screen.

If you grab the rotten ice cream, you'll get a new look for Hei. Interact with the abandoned car to start playing a minigame.

The maze inside the car has two possible paths, each leading to a different object: a mechanical cat and a deflated balloon.

Go back to the previous screen and use the mechanical cat on the giant bucket; this way, you can get the controller underneath.

Return to the car screen and go up. You'll find a new screen with octopuses watching a movie, and they won't let you stand in front or remove the camera-projector. Continue going up.

In this new screen, you can pick up the TV and place the controller on the monitor at the bottom.

Click on the monitor and change the channel to broadcast “Love is a Losing Game.”

Now you can go back to the previous screen and pick up the heart vomited by one of the octopuses.

Now go back to the monitor and change the broadcast to the “Rec” version.

Go back once again to the octopus screen, and now you'll see that since the camera-projector is in “Rec” version, the audience is gone. This allows you to pick up the balloon and the camera.

Return to the monitor screen and place the camera-projector on the stake next to the broken robot and go up to the upper screen (following the blue carpet).

In this new screen, place the TV on the cable on the floor. You'll see that the robot runs to help the other robot.

Now you can collect various items: a balloon, a key, a candy, and remember to pick up the TV again.

Go back to the previous screen and pick up the camera-projector. Now go to the right.

You can pick up a hidden trident to get a new appearance. Also, grab the balloon stuck to the cone-shaped house.

To open the door, first, place the camera on the stake and the TV connected to the cable. Try to open the door with the key, and you'll see that you succeed because the snake will crash into the TV. Now you can pick up the battery and use it on the barrier to open it.

In this new screen, you can pick up two stones and use one of them in the hole. A mole will appear, asking you for a pickaxe.

Go to the lower screen and interact with the dolphin. It will ask you to find its 10 children in a minigame. Once completed, it will give you a spray.

Return to the previous screen and inflate the 6 balloons you've collected.

Go back to the dolphin screen and go to the left. You'll find barriers that you can lift with the inflated balloons to collect the trophy and the pickaxe.

Now you can go back and give the pickaxe to the mole to collect the gold.

You can use the other rock to call the mole again; you'll see it has a balloon that you can pick up.

It's time to go back to the first screen and use the spray on the plant; this way, you can pick up a flower.

Now return to the octopus screen and place the camera back in its original place.

Put one of the movies back on the monitor.

Now, if you place the trophy in front of the camera, one of the octopuses will be very scared and drop an egg. Interact with the egg to break it.

You have to change the monitor mode back to “Rec.”

Now you can pick up the egg and the camera.

Go to the upper room and place the candy, heart, and egg in the machine. Click, and you'll see that a potion is made. Take it.

Use the potion on the ball to make it small and be able to pick it up. You can also grab the last balloon of this level.

Give the ball to the seal, and it will allow you to pick up the match.

Return to the potion room. First, place the potion container in its place. Now, on the machine, put the flower, match, gold, and click. Pick up the new potion you've made.

Now you can head to the final room (to the right of the dolphin screen). But on the way, it's important to place the camera-projector on the stake next to the robots.

On the way, also inflate the last two balloons you have.

With these balloons, you can get a new appearance.

Now, in the final room, connect the TV to the cable; this way, the robot will change the direction where the cannon points. You can now climb onto it and use the potion to set the algae on fire, which will, in turn, ignite the fuse.


And that's how the level is completed, sending Hei to the clouds!


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