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Walkthrough of Hei - Level 3

The third level consists of 10 different screens with interconnected puzzles. This guide will explain step by step how to complete the level 100%. Obtaining skins is entirely optional to finish the game.


At the beginning, you'll see a kitten asking for a fish. Open the cabinet and collect the coins you see. Go down.

Open the trash bins and collect the coins you find. Now you can buy a fish at the fish market. Go back to the previous screen.

Give the fish to the kitten, and it will start following you. Go two screens down.

Collect the coins from the bushes. Talk to the grandmother to get a rat costume for the kitten. Now go to the right.

Use the rat costume to scare away the people blocking your path.

Talk to the kitten again so it returns with you. Collect the coins scattered on the ground. Now you can cross the bridge below and go to the right.

Open the trash bins and collect the hidden coins. The orange one hides a skin that you can unlock. Now go up.

Open the bins to find coins, and don't forget the coins stuck to the poster. Pay attention to the numbers on the marked posters; they are a password you will need later. Now go to the right.

Here is the taxi driver, to whom you must give 90 gold coins to complete the level. Collect the two coins from the bush and also the pliers from the ground. Go back to the previous screen and go left, where you'll see an alley.

Give the coins to the smuggler twice to receive rigged cards and a thief costume for the kitten. Go back.

Open the locked container with the pliers, and you'll find a magnet. Continue going back.

Use the thief costume on the building to the right, so the kitten can steal the coins and the plush bunny.

Use the pliers on the plush bunny to make a bunny costume for the kitten. Also, collect the stuffing from the plush. Collect the coins and return to the previous screen.

Use the bunny costume to give it to the kitten, and in return, it will give you rigged dice. Give the stuffing to the grandmother.

Collect the red bunny that the grandmother gives you and give it to the kitten. In return, you'll receive a special casino token. Go back to the very first screen and enter the bar.

Collect the coins and give the special token to the accountant to get a new appearance. Click on the screen blocking the red door.

Enter the password you found on the signs earlier. 4804.

Collect the coins in the room. Here, you need to get casino tokens by cheating in various gambling games. Use: the magnet on the roulette, the cards on the lower-left table, and the dice on the bottom right. Now interact with the arcade machine to play a mini-game.

This mini-game is similar to the one in the arcade machine from level 2; you need to create a path to collect the token. To do this, simply click once on the yellow, violet, sky blue, and darker blue buttons. This way, you'll get the last tokens.

Give the tokens to the accountant, and in return, you'll get the 90 gold coins you need.

Give the remaining 10 regular coins to the smuggler, and you'll receive a new appearance.

Give the gold coins to the taxi driver.


The taxi driver will take Hei to the next level, the candy factory!


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